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New affordable website for businesses to show there Methods

by Balbowilliams

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In these changing economic times it is hard to find affordable advertising on the internet that can meet budget demands. Many sites do not give businesses a place to post comments, coupons, directions, and valuable information in regards to business reports or advertising. There are also so many complications and avenues you have to take when wanting to be informed about web advertising and maintaining the top spot on any search engine.


Brian K. West the President and creator of developed a website that solves the problem of fair advertising on the Internet. is a site that integrates news, communication, advertising, and business information all on one site.


When referring to the modern day design of advertising on the internet many find the system to be unfair and irrelevant to businesses that cannot afford top space on search engines. With Method 8 everyone gets a fair shot. Basic spots are free that way any one can post an advertisement. You only pay for top spots for a certain time frame for your community or state. This allows for easier searches in your state and more leads even when customers use the search engine on the site. is easy to use and only requires a simple form that uploads your business information without tapping into your account or all of the other hassles that come along with internet advertising. If the client wants more advertising confirmation all they have to do is upload the advertising form print out sign and fax it back into Method 8. Existing customers say the site is easy to use and they feel that they have a fair shot at getting the recognition they deserve.


The site also allows customers to post reports on good things that his or her favorite business is doing around the community. When customers post good or bad reports this gives businesses a chance to improve or understand what services are in good stance or needs some tweaking. All reports focus on improving customer service and informing not only businesses but other customers on what impact a business is making in their craft. also gives everyone accessing the site a chance to interact on blogs and get to know the literary talent involved Method 8.


Method 8 operates out of Boardman Ohio, “I just wanted to create a place for business and consumers show and express their method,” West explains.


In conclusion the sites main focus is aimed at fair treatment and stressing the importance of ethics in regards to business morals and consumer interaction. Method 8 prides itself on serving the rich and the poor and providing every person and business a chance to show their methods. It is the mission of Method 8 to use business, literature, and Christian or religious morals to show that every business and person has a method that can be influential to all.


You can learn more about Method 8 by logging on to or to learn more about Brian K. West just log on to the president’s page on the site.


For more information about Advertising On The Internet please visit

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