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One-sided, perhaps, but London is the greatest city in the world. It has history, architecture, culture and so many more things that if we mentioned would take us way over our word count. Whilst the London 2012 Olympic Games is set to bring thousands of tourists to our heaving metropolis this summer, there are enough visitors everyday without there having to be a giant sporting event. Because of this, there is an airport in the centre of town to ease congestion on surrounding airports. Predominantly used by business men and women, Heathrow and Gatwick airports are perched on the edge of the city for other travellers.

The single runway airport that is London City Airport is on a former Docklands site, east of the City of London. In terms of aircraft movements and passenger numbers, the airport is London’s fifth busiest. There are plentiful plans in place to expand the airport boundaries allowing a maximum capacity of eight million passengers per annum. Despite the recession, the airport increased its people traffic by almost eight percent between 2010 and 2011. The London City Airport escorts that are available are always the happy and cheery companions you wish them to be. They are also the perfect time fillers if you find yourself delayed at the airport - which happens ridiculously often, let’s be frank. It seems that delays at airports are so common that you may as well find something to pass your time. Whilst we most certainly recommend indulging in some spending in the duty free shops, it can be annoying when you buy a load of booze, put it in the overhead locker and forget about it when you arrive at your destination, grabbing the bag that’s been under your chair and disembark. We speak from experience. If spending time with a London City Airport escort isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of other amenities to take your fancy.

When you find yourself in the airport, you will be forgiven for thinking it to be somewhat smaller than Heathrow. In fact, it’s ridiculously small in comparison, but try putting an airport the size of Heathrow in a city like London, and you have yourself a major problem. It wouldn’t be too bright, to be honest. Because of the calibre of people travelling through the gates, the departure gate often resembles the fashion pages of Harper’s Bazaar. Everyone’s rich and gorgeous - we’re a little bit jealous. But you don’t have to have a ticket to spend time with an escort near London City airport. Perhaps you work at the airport or just live in the area. Either way, they’re available for everyone.

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Writer Gary Kirsten likes to document the wonderful and the fabulous of the great city. With a BA in Journalism, he is a regular contributor of articles like London City Escort. Find more information on European Escorts here.


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