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Los Angeles Voice Teacher to the Stars

by voiceteacher

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Voice lessons have long been in demand, but the best voice teachers were only available to A-list actors and Grammy-winning musicians – until now.  “Voice Coach to the Stars,” Bob Corff and his wife Claire have long been Hollywood’s first choice for singing lessons, but the secret is now out – they don’t just serve Hollywood royalty.  Broadcasters, police officers, judges, singers, actors, and even students visit Corff Voice Studios in Los Angeles for vocal improvement. 

While it’s true that the average vocal coach normally teaches just singing lessons, a great voice teacher won’t just give a singing lesson, but also will teach someone to have a strong speaking voice or even to reduce an accent. Vocal lessons are never “one size fits all,” so Bob and Claire custom-tailor their approach for the student’s needs.  And for anyone who wants to visit the “Vocal Coach to the Stars” but doesn’t live in Los Angeles, don’t worry. Bob now gives phone and Skype lessons, so anyone can learn from the best voice teacher from any location worldwide.

Getting a world-class voice lesson shouldn’t be taken for granted, because Bob Corff has over 30 years experience as a Los Angeles voice teacher. He has starred on Broadway, in movies, and on television.  At the height of his career, Bob decided to give it all up to teach voice lessons full time – and has never looked-back nor regretted it.  Since founding Corff Voice Studios Los Angeles, he has been featured in dozens of media outlets including the Los Angeles Times, New Yorker Magazine, USA Today, Details Magazine, and Dr. Phil to name a few. Bob was even featured in Cosmopolitan in a piece about how to achieve a sexy bedroom voice. What kind of vocal lessons would that entail?

Corff Voice Studios also helps job seekers because achieving a powerful voice is important for outstanding performance in interviews.  The job market is permanently over-saturated with candidates, so the average job seeker will often find themselves competing with applicants that are better educated with more experience. In order to gain a competitive edge, job seekers are now hiring voice teachers to perform better in job interviews.  When push comes to shove, figuratively speaking, hiring managers aren’t going to flip a coin to choose a candidate.  They are going to pick the person that has commanding voice presence, and one can’t achieve that without voice lessons.

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