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Ward off Bacteria, Use Colloidal Silver

by realcolloidalsilver

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Colloidal Silver is a natural antimicrobial product used in alternative medicine. It is a solution of purified water and silver particles useful for killing off a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and parasites. These silver particles destroy the cell membrane of bacterial and fungal pathogens. The pathogens that are being treated by this silver solution never develop immunity to it. This is the best aspect of colloidal silver solution. Besides this, colloidal silver solution can be used both internally and externally. This is generally not found in other antifungals and antibiotics.


Heals Viral Infections:

Colloidal silverplays an effective role in healing viral infections such as a cold or the flu. The silver solution when sprayed directly into the mouth, kills the virus that causes symptoms of illness. It has been noticed that people are able to overcome sinus infections by spraying the silver solution in their nostrils. Besides being used as an antibiotic, it is also used as a disinfectant. With all of these attributes in mind, one should always keep one bottle of colloidal silver solution at home. Visit the site at

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