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Recover Your Lost Data Due to 'nxidrop' Command

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Though, recent versions of various LINUX flavors come with attractive and friendly graphical user interfaces, basically LINUX is a command based operating system. In LINUX, there lies a command for everything and these commands enable you to carry out actions on any files and directories stored on your computer. However, improper execution of these commands can result in complete or partial data loss from LINUX based systems. As, we all know, data loss is inevitable, it is better to be prepared with latest backup. However, if the backup is not there or due to some unresolvable reason, failed to restore the lost data, you are badly in need of any efficient Linux Data Recovery software.

Taking a real life problem into consideration, suppose, there are four users for a single account on a LINUX system. The user IDs for the users are dba2adm, dba2adm1, dba2adm2 and dba2adm3 respectively. If you want to drop the Net Search Extender instance of user dba2adm, using nxidrop command, it will remove the Net Search Extender instance of db2adm along with the content of home directories of all the other users with prefix dba2adm.

Prime causes behind data loss in the above condition:

· Creation of multiple user IDs on a LINUX system that share a common prefix.

· This common prefix is also an user ID.

· The nxidrop command is applied to the user ID, which is the prefix for other IDs.


If we believe in precaution, then we should avoid using 'nxidrop' command for a LINUX based system, where there are multiple user IDs present with the same prefix and the prefix itself is an user ID. However, if the problem has already occurred, there is no possible solution with LINUX, that can get back your data. Hence, to recover the lost content inside home directories of other users, you need to use any LINUX data recovery utility.

Such Linux Recovery tools have effective scanning methods to recover and restore the lost files, folders, directories with their original structure. These powerful recovery utilities come with interactive user interfaces that make them easy to use without any prior technical knowledge on the same.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is one of the reliable as yet efficient Linux file recovery software in the market. It is the advanced of all applications in it's category and compatible with Ext2, Ext3 file system based Linux volumes. This power packed Linux data recovery software gets installed on Windows (Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000) and you can recover your lost data from the LINUX based drive by connecting the LINUX drive as the slave.

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