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Stretcher Frames That Will Add To The Beauty Of Your Art

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Fredrix stretcher bars are select pine stretcher strips that can be 8 inches long or as much as 40 inches in length. Typically, each of these strips measure 1 5/8x 11/16 inch with clearance in the form of a 1/8” tapered lip. In order to achieve a smooth and perfectly tight fit these bars or strips are molded on the best of woodworking machines.

The Fredrix stretcher bars or stretcher strips are made of the best quality lumber and feature a design known as tongue-and-groove. These fit all the brands provided these confirm to the dimensions of 1 5/8” X 11’16”. Some of the renowned stretcher bar warehouses call these stretcher bars and strips Medium (Standard) Duty. These are used by the majority of artists and framers for the purpose of making the stretcher frame.

In these cases though the Fredrix stretcher bars are known as ¾” bars they are actually 11/16” in depth, 1/16” less than ¾”. Some warehouses give a slightly raised round-over to the bar’s face edge. The raised and rounded edges as compared to the sharp and flat edges reduces the friction of stretching. This allows for a canvas face that is tighter and more even. The stress placed on the canvas is also reduced as is the stress taken by the person that does the stretching. There are two more benefits from the raised edge. These lift the canvas away from the contact with the wood. They also allow a small gap for gallery wraps that normally have a sharp change between the face image and its side. The 1 5/8” width of the bar definitely helps in withstanding bowing due to taut stretching. However, it’s a good idea to use cross braces or spanners in case you experience bowing.

The stretcher frame can also be made from the light duty stretcher bar that has a size of 5/8” depth and 1 3/16” width. These stretcher bars are very apt for the smaller paintings or the giclee prints that will not benefit from the use of a thicker bar. These bars are also made from the best quality, fir wood that has been kiln dried as in the case of the other bars. The beaded edge also reduces or entirely eliminates the problem of cracked edges on giclee prints. There are medium/heavy duty stretcher bars that some warehouses call Goldilocks. These are a great compromise at a size 1 3/16” depth and 1 3/16” width. You will find these to be of use for your stretcher frame since it gives you a decent side profile without adding to the cost. Some professional warehouses stock heavy duty and super heavy duty stretcher bars as well.

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