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Simple interview mistakes that could lock you out of the job

by SamuelLanghorne

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A job interview can be likened to an audition. You are auditioning for a job and it is most likely that you are not the only one hoping to clinch the opportunity. So, naturally, you have spent the last few days preparing for the interview. You have rehearsed for all the typical interview questions and practiced the correct body language before the mirror. You may have even had a mock interview session with your friend and so you are totally confident about winning this job audition. After the interview, however, you realize that you did not make it and someone else got the job. What could have gone wrong? Well, according to Tim Nelson MAP Houston, there are a number of mistakes that candidates make and which squash their chances of getting the job without them realizing it.

 Badmouthing your former boss and colleagues is a potential pitfall that one must carefully avoid. Chances are that the interviewer will ask you a number of questions touching on your erstwhile employer aiming to know why you are leaving him/her and what you think about him/her. Even if your former employers were horrible, resist the temptation to start a diatribe against them because doing so will tarnish your image and portray you as a vindictive person. Realize that your former boss and the interviewer could be friends and so if you talk ill of him/her the interviewer will immediately disqualify you.


How do you handle the mistakes that you made in your previous workplace? Tim Nelson MAP Houston warns that this is another reason why someone may fail to clinch a job that he/she is qualified for. The recruiter is interested in your mistakes not because he wants to crucify you but because he wants to see whether you learned any lessons from them. Most jobseekers do not realize this though opting to hide or to gloss over their mistakes. Doing this is detrimental because as soon as the details are unearthed your reputation will be put into disregard. If on the other hand you attempt to rationalize the mistakes and blame them on others, you will portray yourself as irresponsible and immature.


Another thing that could ruin your chances of clinching a job is how you express your opinion about other people. Yes, we all have a constitutional right to our opinions but we must still be careful especially about opinions concerning others. Controversial subjects like race, ethnicity, religion, abortion, gay rights and terrorism might crop up in an interview. According to Tim Nelson MAP Houston, how you tackle such issues leaves an indelible mark on the interviewer’s mind. Even if you feel very strongly about a certain issue, this is not the place to either make it known or attempt to sway the interviewer to your side. Avoid such topics as much as possible but when they come up, as they do once in a while, try to take a middle-of-the-road position.


It is certainly a wise idea to consult Tim Nelson MAP Houston for guidance on how to avoid these and more interview mistakes.


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