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The Pearl and Their Origin

by Editor123

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Pearls are unique because they are made from living organisms and
many consider them a miracle from nature. Though most pearls used to be
found directly from nature, the majority of pearls found in the world
today are man-made. Pearls have been around for thousands of years and
many civilizations have recognized their stunning beauty but around a
hundred years ago the art of culturing pearls was perfected.


The most well-know name in pearls is Miki Moto, a Japanese scientist
who perfected the nucleation and farming of pearls. Now days, pearls
come in every shape, size, and color imaginable. There are also many
different kinds of pearls that did not exist centuries ago. Scientists
have experimented, coming up with new products that keep pearls
intriguing and well sought after. Generally all pearls in oysters
are nucleated in the same way when growing a pearl. If a round pearl is
desired, a perfectly round or glass bead will be implanted into the
oyster so that the shape produced is flawless. The same goes for every
other shape of pearl.


For example, placing a flat disk-like shape inside the oyster
produces a pearl in that shape. When the nucleus ( bead) is implanted
in the oyster, the nacre the shell of the oyster produces, builds up
over the irritant and after a few years, produces a pearl. Though most
pearls are nucleated this way, freshwater pearls are often nucleated by
taking a piece of flesh from the oyster and using that as the irritant,
making freshwater pearls mostly comprised of nacre. Many people do not
get the experience of discovering a pearl in an oyster but at Aloha
Pearls, you can. One of our most popular items are our Pearls in an
Oyster. We sell small boxes containing your very own oyster, which is
guaranteed to have at least one pearl inside. These pearls allow you to
experience of nature firsthand. The surprise of what you will discover
in your oyster will over-power you, as you crack open the oyster to
reveal your treasure.


These oysters contain four different color options that you might
uncover. Each option has it’s own Hawaiian name and symbolism to
accompany, creating special meaning for you each time you wear it. The
first color is white or Ke’oke’o, meaning fortune. Next is Akala, which
signifies success. After this is Piki, which stands for passion and
finally, Poni, meaning good luck. These items make great presents for
girls and woman of all ages, and are also a fun way to learn about
nature and the miracle that is pearls. Aloha Pearls also offers a place
to store your beloved gem, through special necklaces designed to hold
you pearl in a delicate silver cage, without the hassle of drilling and
gluing your pearl. We carry four different designs of cage necklaces
including, a turtle, a starfish, a plumeria flower, and two dolphins
that hug your pearl. Each pearl necklace
has a cage that keeps your pearl close to your heat and reminds you of
the symbolize the pearl offers each time you wear it These pearl sets
(necklace and oyster) make great gifts for women of all ages and will
truly show someone how much you care.


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