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Is the iPad a game changer for Mobile Marketing?

by anonymous

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There’s little doubt that Apple’s iPad and recently released iPad 2 are revolutionary pieces of technology, transforming the tablet market as we know it and putting touch screen computing in the hands of millions of new consumers. But can the iPad and Apple’s iAd also change the face of mobile marketing?

 Mobile Marketing has experienced a golden age of sorts in the previous five years, growing at an exponential rate as marketing department’s worldwide struggle to remain on the leading edge of rapidly evolving technology. But one problem has been hindering the medium – the lack of screen real estate. This is one area in particular where tablets have a major advantage, featuring substantially larger screens than even the largest of mobile phones.

 What sets the iPad apart from other avenues of tablet marketing is the ability to standardize and integrate advertising through Apple’s hugely successful App Store. Apple’s monopoly on applications for the iPad has led to the creation of their own advertising network – iAd. iAd allows developers to incorporate advertising into their applications, opening options for developers and marketers alike in regards to designing and selling their applications.

 So whilst it would seem common sense that the iPad is a game changer, what’s holding it back? Pricing remains a major obstacle both for consumers and advertisers. iPad’s are expensive when compared to the average mobile phone, and whilst demand remains extremely high for the devices, it remains to be seen whether mainstream assimilation will occur. For advertisers, Apple’s start up prices for iAd are extremely expensive when compared to traditional mobile marketing.

 So the bottom line – is the iPad a game changer for mobile marketing. Well, that remains to be seen. The iPad has all of the makings of a device that can change the way marketers view mobile, but whether it has the power to enter the mainstream market – both for consumers and advertisers remains a major question mark.


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