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Dear Paul,

You are the reason we i started Minecraft. I would like to thank you and show you how much your fans and I, appreciate the time you put into your videos for the Minecraft community. From your first video, How to survive your first night on Minecraft Alpha, to your most recent work that you uploaded today, It is obvious that you put more time then it then anyone else. Paul, without you Minecraft wouldn't have taken off like it did. People were filled with enjoyment in your work and were inspired to play Minecraft. With your work Mojang has been able to increase profits and put much more work into the game. People, like me, were also inspired in a way that they too wanted to create videos and become as much as an important person in the community, like you! We love all your videos and series, such as Minecraft Dad, Minecraft Tutorials and etc. Not only did you affect "Minecraftians" but you affected many other gaming communitys. You allowed all of us to reach a wide selection of games that are very fun and interesting. All of your TRUE fans love you so much! A group of people for some reason didn't like the fact that you used single player mods, but they obviously did not realize that you are using the mods for their benefit. You used the mods so you can get videos up on Youtube much faster and easier for US! You should NEVER stop and you defiantly should keep going until the day comes where you cant play anymore! Paul, do your fans and me of course your #1 fan a favor, keep on going and continue your AMAZING work. You are defiantly in our hearts!

Yours truly, " Minecraftians"


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  • Paulsoaresjr
    Thanks alot! That means alot to me!

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