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A Guide To Financing Your Solar Installation

by Editor123

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It makes sense anyway you look at the option of using a solar
installation for your house or your commercial building. Not only can
you reduce as much as 100% of your electricity costs with solar energy
but with the help of a facility called net metering offered by the solar installers
in Phoenix you can actually make your meter go backwards thereby
generating credit for later use. Solar energy is environmentally
friendly, non-polluting in nature and adds value to your building
without a corresponding increase in your property tax. There are
incentives that can save almost 80% of your system cost and there is a
warranty backup for 25 years for the solar panels.


The solar installers from Phoenix are the professionals in the field
of solar installations. They will also take charge of not only drawing
up the plans, executing the contract and commissioning the installation
but will also look after financial incentives, warranty claims and
solar financing aspects. A solar installation reduces operating costs
especially in commercial buildings. The use of a solar energy is a
feather in your corporate cap since it means that you support a clean,
green, renewable and sustainable energy.


The solar installers of Phoenix discharge all the aspects of turnkey
projects. These include carrying out site surveys and making
assessments. They look after all the intricacies of system design and
engineering; obtain building permits as well as the planning approvals.
The installers will help you make applications in respect of rebates
and incentives and in the drawing up of utility interconnection
agreements. The solar equipment supply will be arranged by the
installers who will carry out the installation and supervise
commissioning as well as startup. They will also provide all training
and support besides ensuring that maintenance is carried out at regular


Solar financing maybe required to meet the cost of home solar
systems that may cost anything up to $50,000. One may opt for solar
leasing to fund the project. This involves making a monthly payment to
cover the cost of the lease. Another plan for solar financing
involves making a fixed monthly amount for 20 years wherein you don’t
own the system and therefore do not have any hassles. In another option
one can pay the entire amount in a lump sum and forget about an
electricity energy bill for the next 20 years. There is yet another
route for solar financing and this is the concept of a mortgage loan
that can be either the primary mortgage or a second mortgage. One can
also opt for a home equity loan that is secured by one’s property.


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