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How to Become a Pharmacy Technician, a brief about the Brigh

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On our regular trips to the pharmacy, we often come across a pharmacy technician who fills out the prescriptions. These technicians perceived by many as mere aids to the pharmacists are responsible for performing many vital duties crucial for the effective operations of any pharmacy. This role has evolved with the expansion of the healthcare industry with benefits, rewards and brighter career chances. The following paragraphs aim to shed light on this career path.

Job: The job profile of these technicians involves different types of roles; these can be in hospitals, outpatient clinics, military bases and mail order pharmacies. They can also be hired by different insurance related works to handle the claims, which are submitted for audits. They generally work under a pharmacist and possess an operational knowledge of pharmacy. The other miscellaneous functions of these technicians involve orders, counting medicines, data entry, decoding prescriptions and tele calling.

Education and Training: A technician requires a PTCB (pharmacy technicianCertification Board) certification to practice. This certification can serve as an added advantage to get lucrative employment opportunities. The modes of education and training can differ, as it is dependent on the situation and the person. Pharmacy schools, community colleges and their online programs are preferred modes of education. Subjects may include medicine, pharmacy, pharmacy maths, alternative medicine, Law and ethics. There are certain stipulated hours of internship in various clinic settings.

Employment opportunities and salaries: The advancement in the healthcare has created numerous opportunities for these technicians with their requirements at different types of pharmacies. Certifications, experience and good communication skills are important for a suitable employment opportunities.

The hourly wages of a pharmacy assistant can fall in the range of $10-$18, since these professionals bill on an hourly basis. They can work up to 10 hours a day with experienced technicians being paid more than the average rate, billing is also depends upon the certificates which a technician possesses.

Working in clinics and hospitals are perfect opportunities for a technician to become oriented with this job. This job profile also offers part time and weekend opportunities in order to make an extra income.

The career path as a pharmacy technician  can be rewarding and a good training can make the entire difference visit www.manhattaninstitute.comfor training and details.

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