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Very Stylish Pearl Pendants

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Pearls make the best gifts for every women because of the large variety they come in. There are the most common, freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, and the most rare type of pearls.
Due to the fact that there are so many different types of pearls, the possibilities for designing magnificent pendants are endless.The colors also vary within this vast array of pearls.. Freshwater pearls, are expected to come in soft pink, lavender or white . These pearls are the
most common pearl in the world because they can be mass-produced and take less time than any other pearl but offer the most classic of looks. Akoya saltwater pearls come in perfectly round, and near-round shapes. These pearls are generally white but can be a enhanced to a black color,
gold, or even emerald. These pearls are the smallest produces pearl, at 2 millimeters and only reach sizes of 9 milimeters. Tahitian Pearls are some of the most popular pearls right now.. Woman love the dark quality of their color and their large sizes. Tahitian pearls are unique because they the smallest size these pearls start is generally 7 millimeters and they can grow up to 16 or 17 millimeters. These pearls are considered black, however, come in a range of silvers, blacks, blues, and greens. One other sensation in pearls right now are Chocolate pearls, which Resemble little chocolate truffles in hues of cocoa, and coffee. Right along side of Tahitian pearls, comes South Sea pearls, which are regarded as the highest quality of pearl. Like Tahitian pearls, they start growing at about 8 millimeters; however, these pearls are extraordinary because they come in natural colors of light gold,
and silver.


At Aloha Pearls, our pearl pendants
are truly magnificent; We put just the right touches on our pendants, to make each pearl stand out, and each piece unique. With so many options to choose from with pearls, your are bound to find something special for any woman at our store. The versatility that pearls offer,
continues to create magical pieces that every woman desires. Our designers often pair pearls with other gemstones, to give them a little something extra. At our store you will find the most beautiful pearl pendants you have ever seen. By pairing certain pearls like chocolate or
dark colored Tahitian pearls with yellow or rose gold, we have created luxurious pieces. Before designing every piece, our jewelers take into consideration, pearls size, shape, and color, so that each pendant showcases its pearl perfectly. At, we love pearl jewelry and we know that after you look at our selection, you will too.


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