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Elderly Drivers and Auto Insurance Quotes in California

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Did you know that senior citizens over the age of 75 are the age group most highly represented in traffic accidents? Accidents involving senior citizens result in more injuries and fatalities than any other age group, even teenagers, the group we typically think of when we think of reckless drivers. These statistics and others influence auto insurance quotes in California and every other U.S. state.



Also because of these statistics, auto insurance in California and other states can be more expensive for elderly drivers. In some states, once drivers hit age 60, they begin to see their auto insurance quotes climb. However, there is support available to ensure that elderly drivers are protected by adequate auto insurance and that they are able to operate vehicles safely. For example, there are insurance discounts available for AARP members.



Elderly folks have decades of driving experience under their belts. However, they often do not have the physical reaction time that they had when they were younger. Aging may interfere with the safety on the road. Factors of aging can affect anyone, but elderly drivers age 65 and older are the most adversely affected. Signs of aging are as follows:



Increased reaction time. The elderly can drive just as they drove 30 years ago; however, the response time it takes to drive or perform other actions slows considerably.



Mobility is limited. Our flexibility decreases as we get older, and we need to use a full range of motion when we drive. Many medical conditions associated with aging such as bone injuries, arthritis, heart disease, and obesity take their toll on our bodies, slowing us down and interfering with mobility.



Under the influence … of medications. Most medications caution against use when operating machinery or driving. Many can interfere with judgment and reaction time. They can also make us drowsy, which is extremely dangerous on the road.



Hearing loss and vision loss. Road safety may be affected negatively by one’s inability to hear incoming traffic or pedestrians or your vehicle. Vision loss is self-explanatory: You need to see to be able to drive!



In America, we associate driving with independence, so it is understandable that increased auto insurance quotes for the elderly are viewed with trepidation. In California and elsewhere, drivers ages 65 and over may be required to enroll in driver’s license renewal procedures. These involve requirements for the elderly to renew licenses more frequently than the average driver. This is to ensure safety and to verify that drivers do not have a physical impairment that will interfere with their ability to drive safely. Such tests may involve road tests or vision tests.


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