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How to Effectively Use a Digital Camera?

by abhi70

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Digital cameras come in variety of options fit for beginners, amateurs, wannabe pros & professionals. There is an ever-increasing collection of cameras in the market, so you have a wide range of choices in front of you.
While choosing a digital camera what are you looking for in a camera? Here are some factors to take into account when looking for it
1. What will you use it for? - The first thing to mull over is the type of photography you want to do with it. Will it be an all-purpose camera for recording or taking daily pictures in life? Or carry along when sightseeing; photography hobby or for professional photography, etc. It is worth asking this question as it will facilitate you to consider about the features and accessories you’ll need.
2. Size - DSLRs are large in size than the compact point & shoot cameras. Some don’t mind walking around with heavy gear, but small and light models come in handy while your on-the-go or sightseeing.
3. Resolution - ‘How many megapixels does it have’ is the most commonly asked question as thesel cameras come in broad series of megapixel ratings. If you’re looking on to print photo enlargements then higher resolution is be good. But if you’re just printing in regular sizes or share them with friends then normal resolution is fine.
4. Extra Features – Nearly all off these boast of a large array of features. Here are some of the extra features that you may like to consider:
• Burst Mode – the ability to shoot a number of images quickly by simply holding down the shutter release. The Digicams vary both in the amount of frames that they can shoot per second as well as the quantity of images they can shoot in a single burst. Great for sports and action photography.
• LCD Size – It’s amazing how an added half inch screen makes a difference when viewing images on your cameras LCD.
Thought it doesn’t change the way you shoot photos it surely is nice to view the pictures taken on a larger screen.
• Auto Modes - Digital Cameras offers a wide array of special scene modes like Night, Fireworks, Snow, Landscape, Portrait, smile capture, blink detection, red-eye removal and many more.
• Low-light options - It offers a high ISO for taking great shots, even at night.
5. Price - Set your self a budget for your purchase. You will find fairly affordable deals with the point & shoot cameras but extremely high prices with professional cameras.
Based on these factors you can decide which camera is for you.

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