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Amber jewelry can be a charming and elegant accessory –

by trinketbox

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If you have decided to buy amber jewelry then this is indeed a great choice. You will find that amber jewelry is one of the best pieces of jewelry in the market, simply because of the gorgeous color and the versatility of the gem. Men and women alike love a piece of amber jewelry that looks great on both the genders. They come in a variety of colors such as red, maroon, black, honey, yellow, orange, etc. You can find these beautiful gems on the internet if you want to purchase them online. There are sure to be hundreds of websites online that will have several pieces of amber jewelry that you can choose from. You can find lockets, pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and many others on the net.

Background on amber jewelry –

The amber stone is actually not a stone; it is hardened resin, which has been intact over millions of years. The resin comes from the pine trees and the older the amber stone the more expensive it is. Sometimes you will find that the resin has collected some flowers, pieces of stone, insects and even some dirt in them, this actually makes them look very interesting. If an amber stone has all these, they are sure to be more expensive. This stone has been known to have made an appearance, even before the ice age, that is how big the history of amber jewelry actually is. You will find that kings and queens used to wear amber jewelry and it was considered to be a piece of jewelry that was meant to warn off evil and bring a lot of good luck to the wearer of the amber jewelry. The gem was also considered to have medicinal property and was rubbed on the person for decreasing a headache or a stomach ache. Amber gives off a wonderfully sweet pine smell if burnt so it was also burnt at times in history.

Maintaining the gem –

If you have or are about to purchase amber jewelry then you should certainly take good care of it. Since amber jewelry is certainly one of the most delicate and lightest gems, it should be handled carefully. Never wear your amber jewelry when you are doing house work, or let it come in contact with chemicals. They can be scratched easily and even broken if you are not too careful. Always store the amber jewelry in a safe and cool place, never let it out in harsh sunlight or near heat

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