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Website Content Writing

by kunwarpal

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Many people live by the theory of once a writer, always a writer. Its true to some extent but has a lots of riders attached. A person with the basic skill and talent to write is potentially capable of writing any form of the craft but he needs to mold himself to suite the demands of different writing styles. One such style is content writing for websites. 

Writing for websites might look like one of the simplest challenge for a writer as he is given the brief on what to write and he just needs to put it in fancy words.However, the reality is quite the reverse. Ask any writer and he will tell you that its much easier to write by himself deciding what should be written and what not rather than being told so. It’s like binding the creative freedom. 

Then the biggest challenge is that when you write for a website you are writing on behalf of a company or an individual so you talk to website visitors in the many that the represented company or individual would. The tone has to be their while the word are your.This transition is a tough one to say the least. 

Many times the content for websites are technical and product information sharing. The company that hands over the responsibility to you of writing their website’s content wants everything in the way it is but at the same time feel you are obliged to add your creative spark to justify the cost they are paying. It’s a double-edged sword but you got no option but to work around it. There has to just the right sprinkle to creative burst in words to highlight your work and enough of the needed information sharing.  Another tough nut to crack is the heavy industrialized language that you are given to understand and explain the business in question.

This is a problem specially with industrial or IT companies, they talk to you in their own lingos and you need to grasp just the right message but then when to get down to putting the message on the website it has to be worded in an easier way to understand so that a general website visitor who is not knowledgeable on the subject is also able to understand the concept equally well. You have to extremely careful of the use of industry jargons as a wrong usage might change the whole meaning. 

There are many other challenges that a website content writer faces everyday but the irony is content is perceived as the least important element of the website by most people. Nonetheless, a writer knows the contribution he is making and also knows the responsibility on him to write something that comes with a lot of effort but looks so obvious that it misses the attention it deserves.For More Detail Visit :

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