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The Difference Between Perfumes and Colognes

by anonymous

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Many people usually think that colognes are only for men and perfumes are only for women. This is a misconception about colognes and perfumes. Actually perfumes and colognes can be used by anyone. The only difference between colognes and perfumes is that colognes are diluted form of perfume and they do not last long.

It is also considered that colognes usually carry only single notes.   In today’s microscopic world everyone wants perfection. When it comes to fashion industry people are more serious and professional. There are separate fragrances for women and men. The one for men are called as Eau de Perfume. They are highly concentrated and last longer. Eau de perfume is cheaper than their counterpart that’s why they are very popular. 

Eau de Toilette is specially meant for women as they are less concentrated and lasts for few hours only.These fragrances are very light and give a soothing feel. Women like these perfumes because they are not too strong and just give a hint of the fragrance. One should have all the knowledge about perfumes and colognes before applying them.  

Perfumes should be used on warm areas of the body. One should spray them on the pulse tips. These areas remain warm throughout the day and perfumes lasts longer if applied on these areas. There are many parts on the body which remain warm whole day such as elbow, neck, inner side of the arm, between the breasts, thighs & back of the knees. However if we talk about Colognes then there are no such instructions to be followed while using colognes or Eau de Toilette.  

Before going to the market and choosing a perfume or cologne for yourself you should know everything about the two. If you are confused then you should take the help of internet and gather some knowledge about them.  There are many sites which offer perfumes and colognes with full description. These sites will be of a great help for you.  

After understanding the basic difference between cologne and perfume you are ready to place an order for the one which suites you. Online shopping is best for you as there are best deals waiting for you. You can find cheap and branded fragrances on internet. is the best place for you to place the order. You might get Discounted Designer fragrances on this site.For More Detail Visit:

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