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Electronic assembly companies – what you need to know

by AnthonyJarmie

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Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are always searching the market for well established electronic assembly companies to outsource their electronics needs to and especially those related to printed circuit boards. There are plenty of such companies, with many of them being referred as Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM) firms. Their area of niche includes the design, assembly, production, and the rapid prototyping and testing of electronic components and assemblies.

Other than the OEMs, the need for electronic circuits also comes from other quarters including research institutions, the military and even private citizens. As such, modern electronic assembly service firms are currently striving to offer low, medium and large volume runs so that every type of customer can be adequately catered for.

The design and assembly of electronics is an extremely involving process that is replete with all sorts of unforeseen difficulties and costs. Indeed this is why companies opt to outsource the work to electronic assembly companies because in doing so they are able to spread out the cost of production and reduce the time that in-house production takes from the design phase, to assembly, and all the way to commissioning. Specialist electronic assembly service firms are desired because they offer a high level of conceptual product development advice as well as electrical and mechanical properties assistance. They are also well connected with components and materials manufacturers, and this becomes very handy when clients face difficulty in sourcing the same for the assembly and production of their electronic circuit boards.

Different electronic assembly companies have varying capacities with regards to circuit board manufacturing and assembly, with typical assembly jobs revolving around single, double and multilayer circuit boards. These are sensitive jobs and as such we need to work with companies with proficient, experienced and creative electronic designers who are well exposed to design difficulties and can as well come up with bespoke designs that will meet and exceed our needs. Whether you are going for THP or SMP circuit boards, working with reputable electronic assembly companies is of the essence as they have invested in the latest equipment and software to help them achieve just the right circuit board design/s the client requires.

Electronic assembly service companies also maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and this is made possible courtesy of exceptionally skilled engineers, designers, technicians and customer care personnel. Customer satisfaction is also entrenched in the quality assurance structures that the manufacturer has in place. This mainly has to do with making testing a special if not a crucial part of the electronic assembly service. The several tests involved here include the in-circuit test, functional test, visual test, analog signature test, and environmental and agency compliance testing.



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