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Oakley Prescription Glasses The Most Excellent Online!

by pradaglasses

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Anyone who has ever had to wear prescription glasses is acquainted with the name of Oakley. This brand has been making designer glasses and sunglasses frames for several years currently, and are justifiably related to high-quality and high-technology styles which both flatter the wearer and are really practical. From their beginnings in motocross (Oakley saw grip styles which improved as it was exposed to water), Oakley have moved on to make a variety of sunglasses that are next to none. With each year, they have turned more and more styles loose on the marketplace, and have by now started the method of taking over the prescription glasses field as well.

As with their sunglasses, Oakley prescription glasses are designed to use a specific grip on the arms of the frames, which means that they don't slide during hot conditions, and can be employed when somebody is training hard, unlike other glasses that tend to slip around. Oakley also utilizes another kind of style, the three-point-fit, which estimates how the spectacles will sit upon a human's face, and where it can touch the skin. This reduces the need for curved arms that will generally bite into the skin round the ear. This means that Oakley's glasses for prescription will be manipulated to suit the wearer as closely as possible.

Oakley is even dedicated to creating their frames from ground-breaking materials. They usually use Titanium, because it is a tough, hard-wearing metal that is yet really lightweight. Oakley prescription glasses use a blend of metals known as a C5 Alloy, and is designed to replicate the effectiveness of Titanium by combining these metals. There are other materials which can be moulded into frames by using polycarbonate along with acetate. The later is significantly favoured because it will be moulded to fit the wearer's face.

Perhaps the most vital aspect of Oakley prescription glasses, and the thing that matters most to the wearer, is look. Oakley has so many years experience in designing sunglasses that they use it in their prescription lenses too. The glass is intended to be impact proof, so it can be dropped from a height without being damaged, items can be dropped onto the glasses with no damage, and Oakley have also tested the consequences of the lens being hit by a cricket ball, although they cannot offer the same protection to the person wearing the impacted glasses, of course. So as to pass these tests, the designer glass should not buckle, or shatter so that elements of it reach the eye. This is designed to prevent eye damage within the event of an impact.

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