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Cell Phone Unlocking Made Easy

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A locked cell phone is one that has a SIM card installed that can be programmed to allow that phone to work on any other GSM type phone network. This is known as “unlocking a cell phone”. To do this, you need to obtain an unlock code from a company that supplies them. If you have a cell phone that you really like a lot, but are not happy with your current carrier’s plan, or maybe have a phone that you obtained and would like to use it on you carrier’s network, you may come up against the problem of a locked cell phone.

This process is as easy as going to, entering the required information at the website, and following the online instruction guides to unlock your phone. It is easy enough for anyone that can operate a cell phone to do, and it does not take much time. Simply go to the website and follow the onscreen prompts. First, find your phone. There is a dropdown list of carriers to choose from for an unlock code. Choose the one that you subscribe to. Next, select the manufacturer of your phone (ie. Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, etc.), and once you do that, select the model of the cell phone you wish to unlock. Be sure to enter the exact model of your phone, such as Bold, Bold 2, etc. Finally, obtain you phone’s IMEI number. This is found by entering #06# into your phone. The IMEI number will be displayed on your screen.

When you are ready to check out, choose your payment type, such as PayPal or credit or debit card. After the transaction has completed, you will receive your unlock code via email. Follow the online instructions at the website to complete your cell phone unlock process.
If you encounter any problems while you are using your unlock code to unlock your cell phone, do not hesitate to contact customer service to receive help with unlocking you cell phone. The customer service team at will be ready to help with any phone unlocking problem you have.

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