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A Rare Rocket Chinese Review posted by a Bilingual Speaker o

by jeassonlens

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23 views has recently published a review on Rocket Chinese, one of the most well known online Chinese learning software in the industry. You can follow this link below to watch the full review:


What is Rocket Chinese?

Rocket Chinese, a part of the Rocket Languages product line, has been in existence for over 4 years and has been one of the top selling products on marketplaces such as Clickbank, but more importantly, have received numerous awards, including the prestigious PC Editor’s Choice award, the 19th Annual Bessie Awards.


While there are many reviews that are floating around in the Internet, what makes different from all others is that this is a review posted not only by a native Chinese speaker, but also a native English speaker.


A few words with the owner of - why a review site?

In a recent interview with the site owner, Baggio Wong, who is currently a student studying in Fudan University, and also a bit of a language enthusiast, we asked him why he wanted to create a language learning site specifically around a product review, instead of having interactive lessons, or even a teacher-student chat service.


He then said, “That’s easy - there are already many good resources on the Internet that teach people Chinese. I felt that my linguistic edge is best served, then, not necessarily in creating a course around teaching Chinese, but offering recommendations based on my personal opinion and experience with these resources so people can decide for themselves whether they think these are worthy investments, and hopefully feel happy with using these programs.”


On the site, there’s a comprehensive review of Rocket Chinese, but not only that, Baggio has invested the time into doing a comprehensive demonstration video of the platform, and filmed a live video of himself talking about the pros and cons of the program - yes, there are cons, this is an unbiased review from the perspective of a native speaker - and if you’re thinking if you can trust his word or not, head over to his site here and play the video - you can decide for yourself.


Two surprise bonuses and a rare opportunity offered

To top that off, to thank us for interviewing him, Baggio has kindly offered two surprise bonuses for anyone who visit his site below and purchase the Rocket Chinese program over there.


And yes, he’s upfront about it - he is open about the fact that he’s an affiliate of the program. When we approached him about it, he told us why.


“I don’t have a reason to hide it...I get a commission from people who do decide to purchase the program through my website, at no extra cost to them, of course, but I would never want anyone purchasing from my recommendation if they feel uncomfortable with this arrangement, so I wanted to as up front as possible about this. But for those who don’t, I’ve got some really cool bonuses that will give you a very unique insight to learning Chinese, something I’ve never seen any book talking about.”


On top off that, he also gave us another surprise when we continued this conversation.


“As a matter of fact, as thanks for interviewing me, and this is exclusive to you guys, you won’t see anything about this mentioned on my site, for the first 30 people who decide to purchase because of you guys, I’m willing to give you 30 minute mentoring calls times 4 sessions, and you can ask me to check over any work you have or anything about the Chinese language or the Chinese culture. I’ll be happy to answer if I have an answer. Just shoot me an email and say that you were referred by these cool guys on this website.”


Is he up for the job?

You heard it, folks, this is a rare bonus that nobody has ever offered before. If you’re wondering whether he’s up for the job, you can check out his video on his website at speaking English in three accents, as well as two dialects of Chinese and you can decide for yourself whether he’s qualified.


Here’s the link to his website, if you’re interested in a completely honest, unbiased review of the Rocket Chinese product from a native Chinese and English speaker, or if you just want to learn more about the Chinese culture and the language.

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