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5 Step Guideline to Pick and Choose the Guitar of Your Choic

by cranbournemusic

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There are endless varieties of guitars in Australia and guitar accessories available on the market. This is something, which makes it extremely difficult for newbies to take a decision. Today, we will take a look at a simple, five-step guideline, which will make it easy for you to bring home the guitar of your choice :

First step : Fix a budget
Since you are just a novice, I would suggest you to keep your budget on the lower side. This is because later on you will be investing in a high range of guitar (a new model or an upgraded model of the same piece). Hence, instead of spending twice over for the instrument, work around your budget and try to acquire a basic new or even used guitar from your local or online vendors. However, if you want your first ever guitar to be special, unique and give you the best sound quality, I would advise you to shell out a few more bucks to invest in a basic guitar of high quality. You can give the brand a skip but do make sure that it sounds right.

Second step : Research, research and research
Ask someone, who is in the music industry or has worked with quite a number of guitars to help you research about the best guitars to buy. In my opinion, Gibson guitars, Yamaha guitars, Fender guitars, Taylor guitars are some of the best picks. Apart from these, there are numerous other well-known and high quality brands on the market for you to opt for. Hence, do your research, read up on various brands, talk to people and if required, visit musical stores to try them out to see for yourself. This will help you take an informed decision.

Third step : Select the guitar type
This is a crucial step and a huge decision making point. If you already know how to play a guitar, then you will have more options before you. For instance, you get to decide whether you are going to buy bass guitars, acoustic guitars or electronic guitars. The final decision however, should depend on the way you play the guitar or what style of guitar playing will you adopt after buying the instrument. Hence, think on this point very carefully and then select the type of instrument you are going to invest in.

Fourth step : Pick the best shop
Selling guitars or any other musical instruments is a huge business. This is why you will find that there are numerous shops online and otherwise, which sell fresh as well as second-hand guitars to their customers. However, it is important that you must pick up the best shop for this purpose. So, go shop-hopping with your friend or even search online to get the best guitar or guitar amp in Australia.

Fifth step : Try and buy
No matter whether you choose your guitar from an online shop or brick and mortar store, make sure that you feel it in your hands and see how comfortable it is. Try many pieces till you get the one which feels most comfortable and natural and then take the final decision.

In conclusion
I hope that these steps prove to be immensely useful for buying the first ever guitar of your life be it buying guitars in Melbourne or anywhere else in the country. Happy strumming!
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