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Local Clinician Help Those Needing Physical Therapy in Santa

by jeassonlens

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(September 9, 2013)  Santa Monica, CA -- Dr. Erin Carr, physical therapist has recently opened her Santa Monica physical therapy practice because of the demand for pain-relieving services in her community.


A recent story posted in the Journal of the American Medical Association sheds some light on the severity of the problem amongst US citizens.  Problems with back pain are so common yet they aren’t receiving conservative treatment.  “The popular study, published online July 29th in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, concluded, “Despite numerous published clinical guidelines, management of back pain has relied increasingly on guideline discordant care.”


Dr. Carr stated, “I am very aware of the pain and movement problems that members of my community experience.  Treatment from a physical therapists in Santa Monica or any other city for that matter, should be the first choice for most and is one of the best kept secrets in healthcare.  The recent report published on JAMA Internal Medicine is an example of the challenges healthcare providers face trying to communicate treatment options to their respective communities.”  


Most go to their doctor when they are in pain and often times physicians just don’t refer.  Clinical studies have repeatedly demonstrated that physical rehab isn’t recommended enough for muscle and joint problems.  For that very reason, Dr. Carr wanted to provide physical therapy in Santa Monica in the Akasha Center.  Patients experience a collaborative approach in which they work with multiple healthcare providers to get to the root of their painful problems.  Said Dr. Carr, “Physiotherapy as they call it overseas, is a conservative treatment approach, with little to no side effects, that many residents here are looking for.”  


There are a number of conditions that can be effectively treated with physical rehabilitation:


-        Headaches 

-       Low back pain 

-       Neck pain and pinched nerves 

-       Rotator cuff problems 

-       Knee pain 

-       Osteoarthritis 

-       Ligament sprains 

-       Muscle strains 


 Dr. Carr, PT, wants to make sure that patients are aware that for pain and joint problems, help is available. There is ample clinical research to support the statement that back pain patients should see a physical therapist first.  She launched a brand new website to help inform her community about their treatment options.  She concludes, "I want residents to know that if they are in suffering, they should look for a physical therapist in Santa Monica."



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