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Five Ways to Boost Your Website's Ranking

by johnfloyed

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One of the most important challenges for any website owner is how to get people to visit the site. While there are other methods to generating site traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) remains among the top options. SEO seeks to influence where your site will appear in a search engine results page (particularly Google’s). The closer you are to the first page and to the top of that page, the better your ranking is.

The top spaces of the search results page are usually reserved for Google's paid listings, making it more imperative for you to rank well in order to appear on the same page, unless you are willing, or have the money, to get Google to put you there through its paid listings. The algorithms that Google uses to determine a site's ranking are secret and constantly changing, but there are commonsense practices that you can use to influence your ranking. Here are some of them:

1. Present yourself well.

A well-organized website that is easy to read and navigate through will merit many return visits from users that Google bots can detect and take note of. Also, avoid using Flash as much as possible. While you may score brownie points in the looks department, Google bots seem to skip over them.

2. But don't be just another pretty face.

Having an attractive-looking website is nice and all, but your design dollars will go to waste if people do not visit it because they don't find anything of value in it. Establish your authority in your field by creating well-written and informative content. Update your site's content regularly to ensure return visits and to create a following. Google will note the user activity on your site and will rank you accordingly.

To create valuable and relevant content, not only do you need to master your field of interest, but you should also know your audience well. You should know what information they look for and what keywords they use when looking for it. Insert those keywords or keyword phrases in your content; just don't go overboard. Repeating the same words over and over again in your text will not only irritate your readers, it can also damage your site's ranking.

3. Don't be shy. Promote yourself.

Don't be afraid to reference previous posts on new content by using internal links. However, don't just use a bunch of "click heres" to link from one page to the next. Make sure your links contain your keywords such as "Know more about quick and easy party decorations here." Using these kinds of links will signal Google bots that your site has the information that its users are looking for.

4. Present your site's calling card.

Many site owners neglect titling their pages; this is a big mistake. Google presents page titles as clickable links in its results page. A page named "Untitled" will not merit many click-throughs. Also, Google includes the first few lines of your page content under the title. Making sure it contains your keyword or keyword phrase and provides enough of a teaser to generate curiosity will also help in getting more click-throughs.

5. Link up with friends, particularly powerful ones.

We all sometimes need a little help from our friends. For websites, this takes the form of link-backs from other sites. The online versions of traditional media, such as the websites of popular newspapers, have their own significant following as well as Google’s trust. Create link-backs to your site from these pages by placing press releases, contributing articles or volunteering to write a column. That way, you can polish your online reputation as well as redirecting a portion of their audience to your site.

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