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Measure Your BMI if you think You Are Obese

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Surgery – The word seems to frighten everyone whoever hears it. There are different types of surgeries being operated on people suffering from different types of ailments.  Among several types of surgeries, the most prevalent one is the Bariatric surgery. It is done to lose excess weight that one is carrying with them.  

Bariatric surgery is normally referred as weight loss surgery. When other fat lessening methods such as diet controlling and physical exercise, are not in effect; bariatric surgery is the best substitute to lose and achieve weight in a planned manner. But this surgery is not meant for  everyone. If you think that you are obese enough then determine it with according to the BMI of your body. It will help you a lot by measuring the height and the weight of the person. You can interpret it with the following measures. Measures such as:

BMI Interpretation
Below 18.5     Under weight
18.5-24.9     Normal
25-29.9       over weight 
30-34.9     Obesity (Obesity I) 
35-39.9       Severe Obesity (Obesity II) 
40 or more       Morbid Obesity (Obesity III)
50 or more       Super Morbid Obesity

By the above mentioned measures you can easily identify if you are obese or not. It is the most efficient and the most trusted weight loss option carried out by leading Bariatric surgeon in India. If a person has any of the following conditions such as:
BMI > 34 without co-morbid disease
Do not suffer from depression
BMI > 30 and have tried several weight loss methods over a period of one year
BMI > 32 with co-morbid disease (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, reflux)
No history of alcohol abuse
Unable to reduce weight under a medically supervised program

You can try it out if you find yourself obese with the help of laparoscopic gastric bypass in Delhi. This weight-loss surgery consists of limiting the amount of food used up by a person. Such surgeries are normally of 3 types – Malabsorptive, restrictive, or can be a combination of the two.

Malabsorptive: It encompasses bypassing the part of the small intestine so that there is less opening for the calories from food eaten to be absorbed

Restrictive: It includes dropping the size of the stomach so that feeling of having had enough, or too much, of something  is reached with eating very small meals

Do not worry about bariatric surgery cost in India. This surgery takes place depending upon the patient’s condition and requirement.

Contact Atul Peters one of the best bariatric surgeon in India and reduce your weight within sometime.

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