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The Rules of Proper Wedding Etiquette

by conallbrendon

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The rules of etiquette have changed with more couples getting married later in life. When couples marry older, the couple usually has money saved and put aside. The parents may offer to help pay for some of the expenses, but who pays for what has changed too. When couples do decide to accept financial help from parents, they should give some thought to what they would like the parents to pay for; therefore. The person who pays has a say in what they pay for, so consider what’s important for you to control and what’s less important. So, afterdeciding which of the Melbourne wedding venues your choice is,you pay for that. If what you’re serving from the bar’s less important, then pass that on to the parents.

The new rule also is the bride doesn’t have to wear white. You can actually wear whatever color or color combination you choose to wear. Also white isn’t just for first time brides anymore. If you want to wear white, and it’s your third wedding; go for it, it’s your wedding. While on the topic of white, it’s okay for a guest at the wedding to wear white too. As long as the dress doesn’t detract from or upstage the bride’s dress, the color doesn’t matter.

It’s also now acceptable for the mother of the bride to help host the bridal shower. It used to be taboo because it was thought when the mother of the bride hosted the shower; it was on the self-serving side. Now it’s acceptable because when the mother of the bride helps the bridesmaids co-host, it can help to ease financial strains on the bridesmaids.

You, as the bride and groom, are no longer obligated to invite out of town guests to the rehearsal dinner either. In view of the increased cost of weddings, you can do one of two things. You can draw up a list of nice restaurants for the out of town guests to go to dinner on their own. Or you can plan a cocktail party with drinks and horderves instead of a dinner. This way they can still join in and celebrate, but it won’t be as expensive.

It’s okay now to post your gift registry on your wedding website too. It used to be by word of mouth only, but distances especially now separate many people. So posting the gift registry’s an excellent idea. People then won’t have to track down a friend or relative to ask what you may or may not need. However, it’s still bad taste to put anything about gift giving in your wedding invitations.

Another thing is thank you cards are now expected to be sent out within two to three months after the wedding. The wedding couple’s expected to include a personal note with the thank you card and a mention of the gift received.

With all the weddings in Melbourne, it’s a good thing to know what the rules of proper etiquette are.

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