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Overview of the Styles Coming For 2014 Fashion Shows

by victoriamoore

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Keeping up with fashion trends is never easy, but many enjoy the challenge that it presents. There are many ultra modern designs coming out that might seem alien to some people who have more traditional fashion sense. But these are cutting edge fashion designs made by some of the top designers in the world, so you will want to take notice. This article will help cover some of the shows that are set to arrive in 2014, and will let you know what you can expect from them. You may want to do a little more research on fashion or upcoming 2014 clothing options if it seems strange to you.

One of the most anticipated shows will be at the Trussardi Spring/Summer show in 2014. This will take place in Milan, and will feature some of the top Italian fashion designers. There will be attractive models from all over the world coming to this stage to walk down the runway and showcase these designs. Many other designers will be taking notice during the black dress portion of the show. It is events like these that set the stage for secondary and tertiary designers to come up with their new clothing lines for the general population.

When you go to these shows, you may be wondering what kind of standards you can expect for the clothing lines. The key to most novel fashion designs is to come up with something creative and avant garde. It may seem difficult to produce something that the world has never seen before, but these designers are up to challenge each and every year. This may make these clothing lines seem alien to most casual observers, but in some ways they are pieces of fine art.

You will also want to keep an eye on Los Angeles in the Spring of 2014. Every year around this time they host the Fashion Week, where the entire downtown area is transformed into a fashion expo. Each year it becomes more expansive, so look to the 2014 event to be one of the biggest fashion shows ever. Some of the top designers here will be Nuvula, Memenic, Mike Vensel and Chambers. All of these designers will combine to exhibit some of the most amazing clothing lines you will ever see. There will be a special black dress event that you will want to pay particular attention to, since it will headline the expo.

Another popular fashion event in 2014 will be the London showcase. This is a blockbuster event with some of the biggest names in fashion. This event is somewhat unique because individual designers will have their own time blocks scheduled out throughout the days events. You can get a listing of all the designers that will be showcased over the course of this fashion show. Keep an eye on Fulton, Antipodium and David Koma to steal the spotlight for their sectioned time.

Finally, many of these fashion designers have their websites that will showcase these designs after the show. Keep an eye on the black dress clothing options and see if you might want to try them on yourself. There will undoubtedly be new designs coming out that will interest almost everyone.

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