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How to Find a Good Used Transmission in San Diego Auto Salva

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As such all the parts of the car contribute in its performance, however, engines and transmissions are the two important parts having significant impact on the overall performance of the car. Another very important fact, which most of the car owners ignore is that, after a particular time period your car transmission may calls for repair or at times even replacement. Now repairing of transmission may cost you a very high, so opt for used transmission is the wise decision.  You can this from any San Diego auto salvage or shop who deals specifically in used automobile parts.

Some of the considerable points that needs to be ensured before purchasing a used transmission for your car.

Quality Parts

The first and the foremost concern is how to spot dealers offering quality used parts. There are two ways, first you can search your phone book and can spot some of the local shops present on your area. Secondly, you can also consider online sources, search online and you will come across a number of dealers who offer quality used parts at the best possible price point. You can also find transmission in forums were discussion related to repairing of auto parts is going on.


Once you will find your desired transmission, then the next step is to look for the mileage, go for the transmission having low mileage, this is so because it indicates the remaining life of that transmission. In fact, some of the junkyards keep proper record of mileage of the vehicle before taking out transmission from the same. Make sure that verify about the mileage before making the final purchase decision. For proper details you can also ask for the VIN number of the vehicle, this will help you to gain exact information about the concerned car as well as its parts. There are some salvage yards having only the manufacturing year of the car or any other automobile, in that case you should opt for the one which is newest of all. If the salvage yard fails to provide that as well, then you must look for some other dealer who is having proper records of their vehicles.


Efficiency of transmission can be tested only on the basis of its performance, in order to ensure better performance you can ask for test drive. Apart from the technical aspects, you also need to consider the visual aspects, such as find out the signs of damages like cracks, dent and so on.


Never forget to ask for warranty on the used transmissions. Warranty ensures durability of the part you have purchased. Usually, OEM certified parts come with almost 1-2 years warranty, whereas, other are available with minimum 3months warranty. So ask San Diego auto salvage for proper warranty on every purchase from them.

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