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Dynamic Solutions With SAAS Architecture In SAP Management

by kalpeshkumar

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SAAS stands for the term “Software as a Service “. This is the most dynamic and widely used model throughout the world. The SAAS Architecturebelongs to the family of Cloud Computing. The SAAS is a model where the software is supplied to the customers on their demand. The SAAS providers would host the set of software and hardware required to the customers on a centrally located server. The customer can access to the software merely through a web browser in his computer from the server. Here the server would act as a cloud computing device.

What do the SAAS Vendors get?

Today, the business based on SAAS has crossed ten billion dollars. There are huge opportunities in this business. The industry is recording a rapid growth rate each year. So, there was a good demand for the SAAS vendors all over the world. Number of multinational companies has started to turn towards this system as it is highly cost effective. Usually, the vendors would charge a fee from the users once in a month or once in a year. The price criteria would depend on the number of users accessing the application or number of transactions performed or time spent on the application. In the vents where access is granted for free, the companies might gain the revenue through advertisements.

What do the SAAS Users get?

Owning sophisticated and highly dedicated servers through limited financial resources is always a tough job for the companies and upcoming entrepreneurs. Greater productivity can be attained only through the support of dynamic systems. Building dynamic and well performing servers involves lots of efforts both manual and economical. Being the SAAS offering these services at the competitive prices, the companies have started to vote for the SAAS. Additionally, the SAASs are highly cost effective and give excellent support. All these advantages have pushed most of the IT companies to shift towards the SAAS Mode.

SAAS Architecture

There are many types of SAAS Architectures. Each has its own utilities and advantages. The majority market would opt for the Multi tenant architecture. This is similar to a house being rented for many. The access would be given to numerous clients from a central server. There also exists an architecture called Horizontal Architecture. In that an application will be installed in all the users computers.

SAP Management

SAP is emerging as the leading tool for the business management these days. The premium versions of SAP are highly sophisticated and need dedicated and high end servers. Owning the same was not possible for a business entity. So, the SAP Management through the SAAS has emerged as the best solution.

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