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far away from illegal dental clinic

by Jekensony2

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According to information from Fujian Fuqing Municipal Court latest news since last year, illegally set up illegal practice dental clinics showed multiple trend, the judge reminded the public should be vigilant in the clinic.

Fuqing City Court recently verdicts illegal practice together, the accused Chen was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment, suspended for two years and fined 20,000 yuan. Court found that, since August 2008, Chen without obtaining "medical practitioner's qualification certificate", "physicians practicing certificate", "medical institution" in the case, unauthorized operations in High Town, Fuqing City dental clinic in the diagnosis and treatment activities. September 2009, December 2011, dental equipment Chen twice failing to obtain "medical institution" to carry out treatment activities are Fuqing Municipal Health Bureau fined and ordered to stop illegal activities.

September 2012, Fuqing City Health Bureau in the daily supervision and inspection found that Chen is still in its clinics engaged in illegal treatment activities. May 2013, Chen Fuqing City Public Security Bureau to surrender. Fuqing Court held that the defendant did not obtain the qualification for practicing Chen, illegal practice of medicine by health administrative departments of administrative punishment twice again after the illegal practice of medicine, the circumstances are serious, dental lab equipment his acts constituted the crime of illegal medical practice.

Fuqing City Court relevant responsible person said that since last year, the hospital received a total of 43 cases of illegal practice of medicine, including illegal dental clinic has opened 35. According to reports, the illegal dental clinics are located in rural communities and the urban fringe, illegal dental clinics mostly poorly equipped, dental laboratory equipment in the treatment process not obey the medical procedures, there is a greater risk of medical malpractice.

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