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Working with Software Testing Companies

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In many industries, enterprises are either software companies that produce software for a particular domain or use software as a key business driver. Using software and other IT technologies, enterprises worldwide are striving to cut costs with less people yet do more and do better. Many organizations have software engineering or IT organizations and often consider what is best done internally versus externally and what is key to the business. Saving money is an important decision factor, but also, skills required, and whether it’s a core business is a major consideration. When its said and done, many organizations decide to do software testing outside while keeping software development inside the company. Many companies provide software testing as part of their service offering (usually with development services as well), and there are some companies that are solely software testing companies such as XBOSoft that just provide software testing services.

When examining software testing companies, there are several factors should be considered:

  1. You always want cheaper but you need to think if a company proposes $10/hour but then takes 3 times as long to do it and also requires you to put in a lot of extra work communicating with them, checking their work, and telling them what to do, is it really cheaper? Most assume that software testing companies that are located in Eastern Europe, China, and India are cheaper than a USA based company, but think twice. How efficient are they in their work and how much management will be needed? Can you understand what they are saying? Can they understand you? And understanding is not only about English.


  1. You want better than what you can do yourself, or at least equal to, but how hard is your software to learn and of the prospective software testing companies that you are considering, what kind of experience do they have in testing for instance, health care software? Do you have to teach them the basic business rules?


  1. You need specialized testing skills but don’t need them full time. The costs of acquiring and maintaining the specialized skills in house may not justify having full time employees. However, many software testing companies are affiliated with particular tool vendors and may steer you to use their tools. This may lock you into their tool after their gone.

Working with a software testing company like XBOSoft has many benefits that address the above concerns:


  • Deep testing experience and expertise – Our testers test all day. We have been in business for 7 year and accumulated a breadth of not only testing expertise, but also knowledge of business and industry experience. You don’t have to tell us about general ledgers or HER components and delivery mechanisms. We know already. We have verticals that each tester accumulates domain expertise.

  • Specialized Testing Tools – We’re not tied into any particular tool vendor. This gives us an unbiased viewpoint in examining and understanding your software and picking the test tools for testing it, whether it be automation, performance, test management, etc.

  • US Based Company – Our staff don’t just understand and speak English, they understand and listen to you. We don’t say yes if we don’t means yes, and we say no when we need to. We don’t agree with you all the time either and tell you the bad news when it’s necessary.


The bottom line is that all software testing companies are not the same. XBOSoft can help you with time consuming software testing activities from our dedicated testing facilities and improve your software quality with specialized onsite-offsite software testing services served from our offices in Europe or the USA.



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