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How does your waterproof jacket work?

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When you think about it, amen's waterproof rain jacket is indeed a marvellous feat of engineering. Do not therefore take your jacket for granted because it is the result of ingenious creativity by scientists wanting to provide us with a garment that can keep us dry in wet weather or in activities where we are exposed to water. In addition to keeping us dry, we want our men's waterproof jackets to let out the sweat from our bodies as we perspire. A men's waterproof rain jacket therefore behaves like a one-way street – it keeps moisture from the outside out while allowing the moisture from inside to escape. Courtesy of this selective passage of moisture you can comfortably enjoy all your outdoor activities regardless of the weather.


The idea behind breathable men's waterproof jackets is very simple when looked at in non-scientific terms. To understand how such a waterproof raincoatdoes its job of keeping you dry while letting out perspiration, we can look at it in two ways, from inside-out and from outside-in.


Let’s start by looking at the inside or underneath the raincoat. The inner surface of a raincoat is coated with a laminate. Laminates are available in different types including Gore-Tex, Sympatex, eVent, and several others. For some reason, people tend to refer to all laminates used for this purpose as Gore-Tex yet these laminates are quite different from one another. Nevertheless, these laminates are applied to the inner surface of raincoats and they are responsible for making the coats waterproof and breathable at the same time.


Turning to the exterior of the raincoat, you will notice that all men's waterproof jackets are treated with a durable water-repellent finish that is only applied to the exterior of the men's waterproof rain jacket and is different from the laminate. This finish prevents the jacket’s fabric from soaking up water by causing water droplets to bead up and then roll off the jacket’s surface. Further, this durable water-repellent does not impede the breathability of the fabric.


The durable water-repellent treatment on your men's waterproof rain jacket will wear off with time. Its erosion is speeded by various things and activities like abrasion, laundering and grime, to mention but a few. This calls for proper care and maintenance of men's waterproof jackets to ensure that they will last longer and render good service for the long haul.


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