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Ultrasound Machine—Eliminating the Need for Pain Medication

by homeultrasound08

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Suffering from the pain of old or new wounds, spinal pain, nerve or ligament pain, fibromyalgia, TMJ disorders, arthritic pain, and more can be impossible. Pain medications cannot be used for prolonged periods of time and require doctors’ prescriptions. Surgery is a very expensive alternative and does not always alleviate pain.

The inexpensive answer to pain management that you can apply within the comfort of your home is a portable ultrasound machine. While most people spend their time waiting in the therapist’s office or clinic for their turn, an ultrasound therapy machine will bring comfort to you immediately. There are no documented adverse effects using ultrasound therapy—the medical community has utilized it successfully for more than 60 years. Unlike painkillers and prescription drugs, it doesn’t interact with other medications and is non-habit-forming.

How does an ultrasound machine alleviate pain? First of all, it adds heat that soothes inflamed areas. Secondly, it increases blood flow—It caused the tissues to relax, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the affected tissues and removes cell waste to promote healing. Thirdly, it enhances absorption of analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents by the use of ultrasonic waves. And finally, it decreases pain associated with muscular trigger points.

The ultrasound machine functions by using sound waves to ease the pain and discomfort. The typical length of treatment is about 5-15 minutes. Use it once or twice a day over the affected area. Always read the manual before using, and always treat the affected area with frequency using lower power.

A therapeutic ultrasound machine works by using sound waves to stimulate in healing the affected tissues that causes the pain.  A gel is applied to conduct the ultrasonic waves deep into the tissue, because the skin is a very poor conductor.  For instance, in the case of EZUltrasound, their home ultrasound machines work with Sombra Gel, which pushes pain-relieving ingredients directly into the area that needs it the most.

In fact, EZUltrasound is the best home ultrasound machine on the market today. Their dedicated team of ultrasound therapists is truly interested in helping you heal faster and live a pain-free life. EZultrasound works in collaboration with chiropractors to make this once exclusive therapy available for home use.  To find out more about the EZUltrasound brand of ultrasound therapy machine, visit

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