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The Value of Mediation by Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakland

by maggiemalone

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Personal injury cases are common in the United States, especially in densely populated states like California. Due to the dynamic demographics (personalities, background, etc.) in the area, incidents where residents legally lock horns are inevitable. Many cases filed in a court of law in the Golden State involve torts that require the expertise of a personal injury lawyer in Oakland or other cities in California.

Despite the fact that court dockets are barraged by personal injury lawsuits, many cases of that sort do not result in litigation. A great percentage of claims—stemming from issues of negligence typically raised after a person sustains injury from an automobile accident, for example—result in settlement. It is not unusual for a tort claim to be resolved out of court through the help of a third party; this is what mediation is about.

The process of mediation is universal and fixed, whether or not it is in the legal system. The advantages of this type of dispute resolution are numerous, that is why it is preferred by lawyers and their clients who want to avoid long drawn-out court battles. One benefit of mediation is its cost effectiveness for all parties involved.

In case of litigation, it could be expensive every step of the way. From securing medical records to case filing (up until hearing), clients have to shell out a substantial amount of money to get the case going. In mediation, there is only one fee to be settled, and the legal process is cut short for the benefit of all parties involved in the case.

This leads to another benefit of this non-adversarial legal remedy: prevention of bitter court trials. When complainants, defendants, and their counsels submit themselves to either court-ordered or voluntary mediation, they are able to skip the entire process of litigation. This way, hostilities in the courtroom are prevented, and undue emotional and psychological trauma to the parties involved is greatly minimized.

When there is no litigation, speedy settlements are possible. This is the ultimate advantage of mediation. A sharp auto accident lawyer in Oakland will be able to negotiate a settlement, and get or pay up damages immediately. Settlements reached in mediation are usually honored by courts of law, and have proven to be more comprehensive and amenable since all involved parties have inputs to it. For more on this topic, check out

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