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The truth about liposuction

by swethar

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The truth about liposuction

Liposuction although considered a form of weight loss surgery often performed for cosmetic purpose than to help the patient lose weight. It helps you get rid of the excess adipose cells in your body but is not a cure against obesity.

Liposuction doesn’t change or alter your food habit. But it removes fat from certain body parts to help the patient get slimmer and shapely body. It is the most common form of cosmetic surgery performed.

Liposuction has been popularized in India by the tinsel beauties. Their enviable curves are often a result of a liposuction process. Today thousands of women throng the cosmetic surgeons’ offices for liposuction solutions.

How does liposuction work?

If you are searching for information on liposuction most likely you will come across a lot but chances are there that most information available on internet is misleading. It is very important that you make an informed decision about it before you decide about its appropriateness. However, if your aim is to get weight loss surgery then liposuction isn’t a solution. You may have to consider bariatric surgeries for that matter.

Liposuction is performed on the areas of body where the fats are adamant; such as – tummy, waist, buttock, thighs etc. 

Our body accumulates fat as a normal process. The fat tissues gather underneath the skin in two layers. Exercise and diet can help reducing the number of fat tissues at the upper layer but it is the deeper layer that is difficult to remove. Doctors perform liposuction surgery to remove the fat cells from the deeper layer.

During the process a hollow, stainless-steel tube, called cannula is inserted in the patient’s body through a small incision. The tube is used to break the fat cells which are then sucked out of the body through a vacuum pump.

Like any other surgical method, liposuction too involves consultation. The surgeon will decide if you are a good candidate for the surgery. The analysis is based on your skin elasticity and placement of fat cells in your body. You’d also need to agree upon the below mentioned types of the liposuction surgery.

  • Tumescent technique
  • Super-wet technique
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL)

The operation can be carried out at the doctor’s chamber or at a nursing home as agreed between you and your doctor. Post surgery the doctor may ask you to wear special compression dresses to adjust to the new body shape. You must consult all the details regarding cost, post surgery complications, risks and precautions with your doctor before undergoing the surgery.

India has made great advancements in cosmetic and bariatric surgeries. High precision rate and affordable costs for these surgeries have made India a favorite destination for medical tourism. Thousands of medical tourists from the western world come every year to undergo bariatric surgery in India.   

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