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Types Of Sacramento Garage Door Opener

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A garage door can surely be operated manually; however, that might
leave the installation or repair worker or the homeowner seriously
injured. To prevent occurrence of any such injury, using a Sacramento
garage door opener is advisable. In this article, we have discussed
about the three different types of garage door openers that are used
most frequently.

Openers That Operate Using Chain Drive
is probably the most widely used type of garage door opener and can be
installed very easily. The device comes equipped with a sturdy metal
chain, which remains attached to the opener’s motor. These units are
activated either by using remote controls or switches. The metal chain
helps in lifting garage doors up as soon as one turns on the main
switch. The majority of the garages using this type of opener have the
switch of the opener installed on their walls. Switches are usually
present both outside and inside of the garage, which allows better

Openers That Operate Using Belt Drive
are significant similarities between chain drive openers and belt drive
openers; however, there are also a number of differences between the
two, especially when it comes to their mechanism. Unlike the chain drive
units, the belt drive units perform their job without making much
noise, which makes them the preferred garage door opener type for
homeowners. This device is particularly useful for homes having garages
below or next to the house. A belt drive opener is also known to be
sturdier than the openers that operate using chain drives. As the name
of this opener type suggests, it possesses a rubber belt, which unlike
steel chains is absolutely smooth running. This is the reason why the
belt drive units make little noise while being used.

Opener That Operate Using Screw Drive
garage door opener type was designed by a renowned manufacturer called
Genie. The best way of describing these units will be as automatic
openers. These units are operated by powerful motors and are often
referred to as “direct drive” openers. When using this Sacramento garage door opener
type, you will find that it is performing its job using a threaded rod
made from steel. The rod starts moving as soon as the user switches on
the motor. Unlike the two opener types discussed above, this unit does
not have any belt or chain and is capable of completing its job at much
greater speed.  

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