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What to Expect after Gum Graft Surgery

by henrytyler

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Gum graft is a common dental concern that is needed to keep your teeth from the destructive impact of gum recession. It is the process wherein the tissue that supports the teeth disconnects from a tooth; thereby, uncovering the tooth or its root. This may negatively affect the supporting bone.

You may not be able to recognize that you are actually experiencing gum recession because the process is slow. You will only realize your situation if you notice - or your dentist in Chandler AZ - an exposed tooth root, which actually look awful. But more than this, it causes tooth sensitivity specially when consuming hot or cold foods and leads to tooth loss. However, if this is not your concern, you may still require gum graft to make your smile more inviting.

As you made your choice to undergo gum graft, these are the things that you ought to do or expect following the surgery:

1. Avoid brushing and flossing your teeth, as well as rinsing your mouth right after surgery. All these may cause or increase blood loss.

2. Swelling is expected after surgery. You can try to minimize it by making use of an ice pack to your face. Do this alternatively -- 20 minutes with it and 20 minutes without it - for four hours. If no ice bag is accessible, you may use frozen vegetable bag covered by a soft towel. Do not apply warm compresses at this time because this will make the protective dressing all over the gums much softer. It may also make the distress that you experience worse. You may only apply warm compress to your face the very next day.

3. Raise your head as you sleep or rest in silence. Do not try to do any physical activity or limit the number of activities that you will do in the next 24 hours. Grab this time as your opportunity to forget about work or school. Just enjoy your day in bed. Pay attention to slow music to get you to sleep.

4. Quit smoking for one to two weeks after gum surgery. Keep away from alcoholic beverages and even beer and wine.

5. Pain is also natural; hence, you are given prescription about it. Buy the medicines and see to it that you stick to your dentist’s instruction.

6. Don't try to touch the treated area using your tongue or fingers. Never pull down your cheek or lower lip to see the spot.

7. Eat only after the numbness has gone. Keep away from hot food and hot drink. Do not use straw as this may displace the blood clot. Take in cool water and stick to soft diet for almost a week after gum surgery. Consider consuming yogurt to reduce nausea (in case you are going through it). Prevent eating foods that are difficult to chomp, as well as those that are spicy and acidic. Go for cereals, dishes that have fish and soft chicken, cheese, mashed potatoes and others.

Call your dentist in Chandler AZ in case of emergency or make certain you see him in your next scheduled visit.


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