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Finding Trustworthy Alexandria Roofing Contractors After a S

by willenefagen

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Hurricane Sandy (2012) was one of the most powerful hurricanes to ravage Alexandria, Virginia in recent memory. Throughout the country, Sandy left behind a trail of devastation that cost about $66 billion and left at least 70 people dead. Clean-up and repairs naturally took top priority for the majority of affected homeowners, and it is at such a stage when some unscrupulous roofers often step in.

Legitimate Alexandria roofing companies may find it difficult to help people after every major storm since shady companies often beat them to it by providing “quick repairs” or “special offers” to families who desperately want to have their homes fixed. This is precisely the kind of scam the Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers about. Fortunately, you don't need to fall for any roofing scam by following a few simple tips.

Think harder.

The fear and distress created in the wake of a rampaging storm can cloud people's judgment, so much so that they readily accept help from roofing contractors with shady reputations. As such, keep calm and be more mindful before hiring any roofer. You'll want to look for legitimate roofers who are forthcoming about their service range and specialization.

Find several roofers.

You'll have a better chance of finding great deals and be able to pinpoint companies that provide the specific home repair services you need if you can manage to find more than one roofing company. For instance, some roofing companies may be capable of installing replacement windows in Alexandria VA apart from the usual roofing services. In some instances, entire home repair projects were carried out by a single roofing company.

Request a written contract.

The ultimate test of a roofing company's legitimacy is if they are willing to put their promises into writing. The contract serves a dual purpose of detailing everything involved in the repair project and providing a legal document the customer can use in the event something bad happens during the course of the job. Reliable roofing companies won't hesitate to put their name on the line when it comes to offering quality services.

Shoddy home repairs can put you at a financial disadvantage, so stay vigilant in the aftermath of every storm and hire only reputable roofers. Read more about the BBB's take on hiring roofing contractors after a storm at:

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