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Hiring A Stamped Concrete Fort Worth Contractor

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If anyone knows anyone in the building trades, particularly stamped concrete Fort Worth contractors, home builders, carpenters, and the like, ask them if they can recommend good concrete people. Just as cabinet installers or dry wallers can tell one if the framing carpenter who preceded them is good or bad, a framing carpenter knows if a foundation builder does quality work. After gathering a few names or finding a few good candidates through phone interviews, check the contractors’ references. Ask the usual questions about dependability, timeliness, professionalism, and customer service, and then check out examples of the contractors’ work. This is especially important if the project will include a decorative finish.


Get bids from several prospective companies. Bid should be derived only from on-site consultations, not over-the-phone quotes. As always, make sure everything is in writing before starting the job. In the end, the decision will be based primarily on the following factors: The contractor's experience and reputation for working on the specific type of project; Price—as in value, not just lowest cost; Quality of work and reports from references. How well the contractor guarantees his work.


When a sound stamped concrete Fort Worth slab decides to make its own drop in elevation, professional mud jacking is the answer. Mud jacking, or slab jacking, is a simple process of pumping a special concrete mixture underneath a slab to bring it back up to level. A series of 1 Z" holes are drilled down through the slab, and the concrete is pumped into the holes under pressure. As the area beneath the slab fills with concrete, the slab rises. The holes in the slab are then filled with a non-shrinking grout to hide the repair. Sinking slabs are often the result of poorly compacted soils or subbase underneath the slab and are sometimes caused by deeper, unavoidable soil erosion. Mud jacking is an economical alternative to replacing sunken slabs and often runs about half the cost of replacement. Mud jacking pros can repair: Patios, drives, and walkways; Entry steps and stoops; Interior concrete floors; Basement and garage slabs, pool decks and foundation footings. One can find mud jacking professionals in the phone book, under Mud Jacking Contractors or Concrete Repair & Restoration. Contact a few different companies to obtain free estimates, and choose a company based on experience, reputation, price, and their knowledge of the situation.


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