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Tips in Creating SEO Friendly Website

by jamesv

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Benefits of SEO website design

If the business owners want to create a website which has the capability of attracting a large number of potential visitors then there is the need of implementing the SEO website design techniques. Creating SEO friendly website will have a main role in ranking the website in the higher search engine positions. The use of SEO design techniques also help in increasing the human visitors as well as offer them many benefits. The SEO techniques will also help in improving the experience of the user this means that the previous users will keep in approaching the website again and again for their products and services.

It is very difficult to create a beautiful and functional website for your clients. For achieving the benefits of the best website and improved online visibility, there is the need of SEO techniques. Search engine optimization is one of the methods that help in improving the online visibility of the website. Below are discussed some of the tips that are essential in designing SEO friendly website. These tips will help in improving the design of the website at the same time increases the visibility of the website.

• Keywords - Keywords have a main role in the search engine optimization process. Proper and highly competitive keywords must be used for targeting the market otherwise the visitors will never be able to find you. There are certain factors to be considered in the process of creating a website:

 The first step in the website design is to create a list of potential and relevant keywords. And these keywords must be used only in a limited number and should never be overly crowed.

 The selected keywords must be given to the keyword research tool such as Word tracker, Google Ad words Keyword tool and so on.

 The next step in creating the website is to finalize these keywords based on the research that you have done

 The final step is to prepare for a launch with the keywords that you have selected and it should be launched in the way such that three or four related keywords in a page.

Placement of keywords - The keyword placement has a main role in the success of the website. The keywords must be placed in the right positions of the website, but the number of times the keyword is used should never be more. There are some positions where the keywords must be placed and those positions are title tag, meta descriptions, website slogans, H1, H2 and H3 tags, internal links, footer links, URLs, Folder names and so on.

• The website that is created must be search engine navigation friendly, because the easy navigation system makes website to be easily followed by the search engines. It will be very good if the use of JavaScript is avoided as this is very difficult for the search engines to understand and there will be issues in ranking the website and also in website visibility.

URLs and File names - the website must always include a SEO friendly URL, this will make the website to be easily identified by the search engines and thereby increasing the search engine visibility.

• The use of website images must also be considered, the images that are used for the website must never be over crowed as this will lead to less ranking.

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