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Scouring the market for a top wholesale tanning lotion

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Industry experts concur that the use of tanning lotions is the best and most effective way to attain whatever skin tan tone you desire. The market is awash with numerous tanning lotion options - it is virtually impossible to identify the best product/s to use at your tanning salon. Price alone cannot be used to gauge the quality of these products; a high price may simply be a marketing gimmick based on brand popularity but lots of people will be swayed to associate the price with high product quality. What aspects therefore should you look out for when you are in the market for a wholesale tanning lotion?

To begin with, given that you are looking for a wholesale purchase, it is most likely that you’ll be considering products whose price range is in the affordable category. Your choice of product should thus be pegged on other attributes apart from price. Naturally, the attributes to consider will have to do with the characteristic qualities of individual tanning lotions. You will find the best wholesale tanning lotion by understanding what has gone into its composition. What are its ingredients and in what quantities have these been used?

DHA is an integral component of tanning lotions. This is the ingredient that will determine how dark your skin will get after exposure to UV rays in the tanning bed – the more its concentration in a lotion, the better the quality of tan. Using the percentage volume of DHA as criteria for product selection against price you should be able to eliminate a handful of lotion options from your shortlist.

Getting a superb tan is one thing but ascertaining that the health of your skin will be guaranteed after each and every tanning session is quite another. You need a wholesale tanning lotion that has what it takes to afford you good skin care. The ingredients that you should check out for in this case are the various natural extracts as indicated on the product packaging. Names like aloe vera, sunflower oil, rosehip seed oil and rose geranium oil are what you should see and it’s important to know what volume of the product’s composition these occupy. Products that have only 5% of these ingredients should be sidelined - the desirable range is 5%-15%. Now you should have an impressive array of better products to choose from using price criteria as your consideration.

It is also important to find out what other people have to say about any wholesale tanning lotion that you fancy. For this you can go through the various product reviews available on reputable sites and these comments should enable you to arrive at a sound purchasing decision

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