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Beyoncé has inspired me to become a better daughter, student, leader, and overall the best me that I can be. She goes for the gold and consistently gives 110% in everything that she does. As an African-American female growing up in a single-parent home, I refuse to be a statistic and Beyoncé reminds me that I don’t have to be. She is proof that you can assert independence and still maintain being a wife and loving mother. I aspire to achieve my goals as vehemently as she has with such conviction. In everyday life when I lack confidence or feel stagnant, I think of Ms. Knowles-Carter killing it on stage and my determination is reawakened. She is the soundtrack to my life, through break-ups, graduation, the good times and the bad—I could always put on a Bey song and she’d speak to what I was feeling. I admire the fact that throughout her career she’s stayed humble and kept her mother along side of her. As an aspiring model, my mother also acts as my manager, stylist, sometimes even makeup artist. I appreciate my mom for all that she does and I see that same love and appreciate Beyoncé has for her mom. Overall, Queen Bey conveys class, confidence, talent, and success and that’s why she inspires me.