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New Research on Auditory Processing and Brain Plasticity

by jeassonlens

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Auditory Processing is basically the role the brain plays in the hearing process which ultimately enables us to develop learning skills.  Essentially, it is our brain and not our ears that hear. 

People with Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) have difficulty understanding instructions and sustaining attention. Children can perform below academic expectations, often leading to reduced concentration or disruptive behaviour

Despite the prevalence of APD, its symptoms are still frequently misinterpreted as signs of ADHD or ADD, a hearing deficit, general learning difficulties, or even depression. But the reason behind their troublesome behaviour may relate to Auditory Processing difficulties which prevent them from performing to their true potential. 

APD is indeed quite common as a cause of learning disability. But diagnosis of APD is complicated when children also suffer from other conditions with similar symptoms. Difficulties with reading might be due to dyslexia and problems concentrating because of attention deficit disorder.

In our recently published report we explain key aspects of APD including: the latest research, likely causes, symptoms, examples, screening, assessments and most importantly effective remedies. Research on Brain Plasticity clearly demonstrates effective rewiring of the brain to remediate auditory processing difficulties

About Neuron Learning: Neuron Learning supplies the programme Fast ForWord to universities, hospitals, school, clinics and home users.  Research done in the US where many thousands of children have played these games shows an average of 1 to 3 years in academic improvement after 4 to 8 weeks of game participation. Some of the changes reported in parent testimonials after their children have trained in the programme include improved concentration, organisation, higher self-esteem, better reading and spelling outcomes, and improved memory and behaviour.

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