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Get Freight Shipping Services that Won't Give You a Headache

by padropedro

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Shipping goods from one part of the world to another has always been a complex process. The process becomes even more complicated when large and heavy items are involved. In such cases, freight shipping services from companies that provide packaging, crating, and shipping solutions are needed.

Shipping large items like furniture across great distances pose unique challenges which will require unique solutions. Furniture is often too large, heavy, or delicate for regular shipping; and will not occupy one whole cargo ship. Hence, when you order furniture and need to have it delivered to its destination in good condition, you will need the help of a freight forwarder. Make sure to choose a reputable freight forwarder to avoid having to pay overpriced fees due to the following factors:

Large and heavy shipments

Size and weight are, of course, a big deal when it comes to shipping. Large and heavy items that occupy a great deal of space will be more expensive to ship, as shipping providers typically impose higher fees when they're tasked to deliver bigger and heavier packages. Just make sure that the freight forwarder you've chosen to handle the shipping process charges reasonable prices, and has secured the best pricing with different shipping providers.

The need for tougher packaging

Large and heavy items have to be lifted by machines such as forklifts, and the use of intermodal transportation means that shipments need to be transferred several times before they reach their final destination. Tougher packaging will be needed to ensure that shipments arrive in pristine condition. This will cost more than regular packaging materials; once again, investigate prices and ensure that you're being charged fairly.

Specialized services

Unlike international courier services that deliver regular packages, large and heavy items are not delivered directly to the buyer. Instead, they go through several stages, and stop by various stations or terminals that make the entire process more complicated than a simple delivery. As more resources are consumed, freight forwarders will impose higher prices for their shipping services; once again, make sure that these fees are within reasonable limits.

Freight shipping is also more expensive because of the documentation, insurance requirements, foreign tariffs, and other factors involved. Just ensure that the freight forwarder gives comprehensive quotes to avoid additional charges when they ship your furniture. For more information, visit

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