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Common question of a novice author how to write a book

by dormatwalls

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You can write a book and a good one if you are a story teller. So if you have a question in mind that How to Write a Book
then here is the answer for you. Some people do it as a hobby and some
take it as a profession. Your book should be such that it creates an
interest within the readers. All you need to have is an innovative mind
and a brilliant thought. Creative narratives can come in your mind any
time. It can appear while you are reading a novel, strolling in a park
or relaxing. It is a daunting task because you have to creep into the
minds of the readers. You never know whether the readers will like it
or not. In spite of being a difficult job you will need at least some
pointer in order to start with it. There are several steps involved in
this process.



First and foremost you have to a purchase a notebook. You also have
the liberty to directly write a novel in the personal computer. It is
possible to always have inspiration and thoughts in your mind when you
sit down to write. In that scenario, it is wise to have a pen and paper
in hand. This will not allow your thoughts to be lost while you are on
the move. You should take part in Best Writing Contests.
Most of the writers produce a quality matter with an established
connection of pen and paper. This will enable you to keep going with
it. In addition to it, you will also be able to have a good experience
in writing. Do not sit down to write without your thinking cap. Use the
initial pages of your book in order to create an overview of the page.
It comprises of outline of the story. Mention the possible names,
descriptions and back stories there. These petty things greatly
contribute in a large story. There are many advantages of writing such
brief description but the most important one is that you will be able
to have a brief overviewed what your book will be all about. Don not
thinks such elements of your book is a mere waste of time and will be
of no use to you. It is usually asked in Writing Stories and Books.
It is an important source of reference if you want to flowing thoughts
for your story. You will always have something handy with you as a
source of immediate ideas. Create an impressive outline of the story.
This is beneficial because it will help in defining the arc of
narration. It mainly comprises of the beginning of the story, a plot as
well as its characters. You can also set up events in advance which
will symbolize climax or a big conflict. The last part of the overview
will be the conclusion of the story. These things are important because
it will help you to fetch marks in Best Writing Competitions. Make a
merciless editing because you can always come across interesting
thoughts later on.

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