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Manual of Parents to Make a Children Digital E-learning Book

by Kalitree

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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Royal
baby, born at St. Mary's Hospital, at Jul. 22, 2013, 4:24 p.m. BST. It's a boy.
The newborn is officially called the Prince of Cambridge. "We could not be
happier," said Prince William in a statement released by the palace
shortly after the birth of his son. We could imagine that how happy parents are
for new born baby. Childs are always source of happiness for family. Parents
spend a lot of time and energy on kids. What is the top one thing that parents
most careful about their children? The answer is education. As children grow
up, parents will help their beloved children to read books and learn knowledge.


Technology dramatically changes the act of
reading. While parents adopt new reading habits for themselves on electronic devices,
so do children. Recently, a research study result proves this.


39% of children and young people read
daily by using electronic devices, such as tablets, smart phones and eReaders.

Most children have access to a computer at home. 40 percents now own a tablet
or a smart phone.

Children say they prefer to read on screen. A little bit over half stated they prefer
reading digital book on electronic devices, rather than viewing print books on

From about statistics, we could see that
how digital book play an important role on children’s learning. Which things
make great digital book? There are many formats for digital books. Flipbook is
most popular recently. It allows parents hold a child on your lap and read
digital flip book on mobile, just like flipping over a paper book! How to make lovely
children learning flipping book? Following things should be considered when
creating a digital learning book for their beloved children:

1. Appropriate content. Content comes
first. It should be carefully pick up and make sure it is suitable for children
to learn.

2. Proper
topic. It is better to find a topic that children enjoy hearing of or something
fresh and new which they will be interested and curious about.

3. Acceptable text. Simple, short and easy words
should be used for children to understand quickly. A little percentage of new
words is required for kid to learn them.

4. More colorful and lovely pictures and images. As children do not know much
words, so pictures will help them to know what this eBook telling.

5. Use multi-media, such as audio and video. Besides words and pictures, some flip page software
also allows children to hear audios and watch videos on digital book. It makes
reading really interesting and fun. So children can learn new things very easy.

6. Make e-learning book online. After
uploading to e-learning book to website, children can access to the e-book
anywhere and anytime, to satisfy their desired reading willing. What else, they
also could simply share their liked digital books with their little friends and
classmate. Click here
to see a beautiful children digital book demo powered by Kvisoft Flipbook Maker

As kids getting older, they are able to read more
independently. Digital learning books allow children faster and less expensive
access to eBooks. Reading is on the rise for youth, thanks to easy access to of
e-content. Any time, reading more is a positive outcome for children learning
about this wonderful world.

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