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Crystal Solutions from SAP targets SMB Big Data Needs

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SAP has geared up to deal with the big data requirements of small and medium businesses (SMBs) with the analytics edition of the SAP Crystal Server, which offers an integrated solution. It provides for the integration of one of the very well recognized reporting solutions along with the most prominently utilized database available within the market. When data integration and business intelligence are added in, it leads to a comprehensive enterprise solution within a small budget.

SAP Crystal solutions: Benefits

SAP Crystal Solutions provides a cost-effective, self-serve, open approach towards ground level business intelligence empowering users to safely view, explore, visualize, report and manage information. It offers the following overall benefits:

  • Comprehensive insight into the business through sharing accurate and updated data with users.
  • Assistance in decision making through exploring data by means of an intuitive user interface.
  • Extensive support for hands-on business decision and enhanced responsiveness through real-time performance monitoring.
  • Determination of instant answers to fundamental business questions.
  • Rapid sharing of information that needs to be acted upon.
  • Reduction in the cost of information technology resources through automation of information delivery and enhance system monitoring along with effective auditing.
  • Enhancement of collaboration that leads to better decision making within the teams.

SAP Crystal Server, Analytics edition, for SMBs

In order to clearly understand what impact the Crystal solutions have on the functioning of the SMBs, we first need to know the exact meaning of big data. The phrase “big data” indeed means much more that simply “a great amount of data”. According to Gartner Group, big data refers to a range of information assets with great volume and velocity that calls for innovative, economical sorts of information processing in order to enhance insight and the procedure of decision making. It is interesting to know that these demands and requirements are not simply limited to large enterprises. Businesses which run on a small or medium budget can also possess these requirements.

The analytics edition of SAP Crystal Server, is designed by SAP to address the requirements of organizations which utilize big data but have a small budget. This solution includes the following components:

1. SAP Crystal Server 2011: The core component of this solution is SAP Crystal Server 2011, which is in fact the upgraded version of SAP Crystal Reports Server, which facilitates the organization of dashboards, reports, and makeshift data exploration for controlled, self-serve sharing and access.

2. SAP Business Objects Explorer: This is a very crucial tool that allows the end users to go for guided searches and subsequent exploration of corporate data. SAP Business Objects Explorer amalgamates the simplicity and rapid pace of Internet searching along with the logical potential of business intelligence, for better decision making at a rapid pace. This empowers every user to search for and discover required information, thereby getting immense scope to see the larger picture and make appropriate decisions.

3. SAP Sybase IQ: This comprises the analytics server for business intelligence and data warehousing, and is very popular in the market, having a client base which is much larger than that of all the other column databases taken together. It is an analytics server that is highly optimized and designed particularly to deliver quality performance for mission-oriented business intelligence, data warehousing and analytics solutions on any typical hardware as well as operating system.

4. SAP Data Integrator: This enables organizations to mine, transform as well as feed data from any place maintaining any frequency level across the organization and even outside of the firewall, thus ensuring that data is not out of reach. Hence, small and medium businesses can now get connected to the organizational data, irrespective of where the data is or the fact whether the data is unstructured or structured.

The analytics edition of the SAP Crystal Server indeed proves to be one of the most innovative Crystal Solutions, empowering SMBs to avail the big data advantage within a limited budget. Now we can expect SMBs to boost performance through enhanced decision making leveraging crystal reports software development.

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