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Things to Look For When Opting For Laser Liposuction in New

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Excess fat accumulates in the body owing to unhealthy eating habits, poor exercise, as well as hereditary issues. Fat that refuses to budge even after a healthy diet program and rigorous exercise can be removed via laser liposuction, a minimally invasive body contouring procedure. If you are staying in or New York City, you could have the procedure in a reputable plastic surgery facility in the city. However, you need to be aware of certain things to look for when choosing a plastic surgeon and plastic surgery center in New York City.

Achieve a Better Body Contour

Laser liposuction in New York City is provided in select plastic surgery facilities to help people achieve a better body contour. If you are planning for liposuction surgery, finding a good plastic surgeon is extremely important. This is to ensure that you get excellent results and the surgery is safe and effective.

Body contouring has proven to be effective for those patients who are not obese but have stubborn deposits of fat in specific areas of the body. Usually, excess fat is seen in the upper arms, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and hips. In laser liposuction, laser energy is utilized to melt fat deposits. The advanced SmartLipo Triplex workstation is used by many plastic surgeons in New York City because it is known for its effectiveness. In this, a combination of 3 laser wavelengths, 1320, 1440 and 1064nm is used.

What to Look For When Considering Liposuction Surgery

Before you decide to have laser liposuction surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon. Given below are the things to look for when opting for laser liposuction in NYC:

>> Experience and qualification of the surgeon: When looking for a good surgeon, verification of his qualifications is an essential step. Make sure to evaluate the training and expertise of your prospective plastic surgeon. An experienced surgeon would ensure that your experience is a comfortable and a safe one. The surgeon should have adequate experience and training in providing different plastic surgery procedures. Basically, different surgeons specialize in different procedures but not everyone has the expertise to perform laser liposuction.

>> Look at the before and after photographs of patients: The before and after photos of patients will give you an idea about the results you can expect. These photos can be requested during your consultation with the plastic surgeon. If possible, you can also talk to the surgeon’s previous patients to learn more about the surgeon and his expertise.

>> The plastic surgery facility: Ideally, the plastic surgery center should have received accreditation from the AAAASF. This ensures that they conform to all the required safety standards.

With the right plastic surgeon and the right plastic surgery facility, your laser liposuction in New York will be a rewarding experience.


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Take time to research on where to undergo laser liposuction in New York. Shortlist a few AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices and choose one that offers high standards of safety and efficacy in treatment.


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