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Keep Pace with the Fast Lifestyle - Use Flash Systems

by swethar

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Time is the most precious element of our lives. We are continuously switching to high speed devices to keep pace with the hectic life schedule. Keeping the present and the future in mind, various companies are continuously in the process of creating advanced technologies and high end devices which are faster than their counterparts. The world is getting more and more tech savvy day in and day out and hence the demand for various gadgets and technologies is increasing day by day.

The Flash system 720 is a new feather added in the list of storage devices. It is a big USB memory stick with no movable parts. It comes with 6 TB or 12 TB SLC memories with 12 flash modules. It is based on a single level cell and comes in a 1U Rackmount design. It works on flash memory where a virtual mapping system is used to locate data in the memory. These are used both along with traditional hard drives and disks and sometimes are used as a single unit as well. It is used to assist various servers, storage and middleware products. It has three main parts, the flash card, I/O ports and an additional expansion unit for a flash card of 500 GB.

The Flash system 720 has gained popularity because it promises optimum utilization of your time and investment. It is fast like a flash. It has a 5 GB per second speed and claims to provide a 90 percent reduction in transaction timings and 85 percent reduction in batch processing timings. The main feature of this flash system is that it has the least failure rate both at hardware and software management levels. It is an indispensable system for critical functionalities where you can not afford system failures. The least failure rate is ensured by dual power supplies and even batteries to avoid instant shut downs in case of power loss. Besides this, they come with multiple layers of data rectification, chip redundancy and redundant hot swap components to ensure least errors.

The Flash system 720 is idle for heavy enterprise workloads where few seconds’ quicker resolution brings a big smile on the face of the customers. It is mainly used in online transaction applications, online analytical processing, in cloud storage and virtual working environments. Here is thus a story of a very simple and flexible, powerful and time saving technology that is surely going to rock our lives for a long time to come.

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